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wftda western regionals: day one

one day of regionals down!!

today was awesome. tina and i went to voodoo donuts in the morning, then got to the venue in time to see aaaaaaall the derby :D

jet city beat tucson 168 to 100, then sacred city beat angel city 136 to 111, and then they took a break. after the break, jet bouted oly, and oly beat them 239 to 55. rocky mountain beat sacred 278 to 45; rose city played a nailbiter of a bout against bay area, and won 139 to 120; and then rat city played! rat was up against denver, and it was a HELL of a game - at least a dozen lead changes, and always within about 20 points at most. so, so, SO good! rat won 139 to 128 :D

i got a pair of a pair of lime green derby skins (yaaaay!) and some black and white striped tights (which i have been needing for a long time) and got tons of compliments on my shirt, haha.

then tina and i went to dinner and ate pancakes.

tomorrow, more derby! angel city vs bay area, tucson vs denver, rat city vs rocky mountain, jet city vs angel city or bay area, sacred city vs tucson or denver, and oly vs rose city to finish out the day. and then the final champs decided on sunday - eeeee so much derby!!

also: i talked for a minute today to someone who reads my blog and recognized my shirt, but i never got your name! so hiiii, if you’re reading this! thanks for saying hey :)

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